I interviewed my mom about how she grew up with technology and I decided to write an article in her perspective.

This is the Baby Boomer Generation

I am part of the Baby Boomer Generation. I was born in the 60’s. Growing up we had one TV in our house that had those “bunny ear” antennas and we would have to fumble around with them to get a good picture. My family always had to watch TV together so I could never watch the shows that I wanted to watch. Since we did not have a remote we would have a designated channel changer for every night that would get up and have to change the channel with the dial on the TV. Many of you grew up with hundreds of TV channels- I grew up with channels 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11 and sometimes 13. We also had one of those old rotary phones that you had to spin the dial and it would take a good amount of time to even dial your friend’s number. We only had one phone in our house and my mom would put a lock on it because she thought my sister and I used it way too much, so we could only use it a few times and at certain times during the day.

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We obviously had no computer in our house so we had to go to the library. Every week the super market would sell a new letter encyclopedia so if my mom didn’t go shopping that week we wouldn’t have that encyclopedia. Needless to say we were missing about half of the collection.  We had type writers back then and one mistake meant you starting over. My house did not have central air and my family had to share one oscillating fan. Cameras were huge and you needed to change the flash bulb after every 4 or 5 pictures. My uncle had one of the first cell phones which was monstrous and came with a suit case, but we all thought it was the coolest thing ever. We did not have a microwave and had to use the stove for everything. We lacked many conveniences that younger children today could not live without.

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Growing up for me was completely different from how my children were raised. The received cell phones in middle school, I did not get my first cell phone until 1998. They had a computer when they were very young and grew up using them in school and at home, but I did not have my first computer in 1990. Life was very different for me.  Growing up these things did not exist for me so they never heavily influenced me. But now that I am living in this world full of technology I accept it more and I am more used to it. I recently got my first smart phone (an iPhone 5) and I seem to be glued to it sometimes. I love seeing what my friends and family are up to on Facebook (even though some of them are way too open and annoying) and I found a new game I love called Candy Crush. I never thought I would use technology as much as I do but it is just so much more convenient. If I want to learn about something I can Google it and read up on it and in a few seconds I have my answer.  Technology has changed so much in life and a good amount of it is for the better.


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