I am Generation Y.

My Story

I was born in 1994. I grew up with multiple TV’s in my house. I had almost every Disney Movie on VHS along with many other movies. We had multiple house phones and both my parents had cell phones. We had a Playstation and Game Boys and all of that “cool and hip” stuff other kids my age had. But most importantly we had a computer. We had endless games for this computer from educational games, to all the Barbie games, Mr Potato Head and a ton of others. Needless to say I was constantly surrounded by technology. This made me dependent on technology because when you are surrounded by it every single day you grow a bond with it. Thankfully the way my parents raised me I still played out side all the time, I rode my bike, made mud pies and did plenty of other imaginative things that small children did.

phone 383

I recall being in second grade and having my best friend Adam over. I showed him my cool new computer game for a little bit but than when I wanted to go outside and play he just wanted to play the game. I remember being so upset because I had to sit there and play that game with him for HOURS until his mom came to pick him up. There were also more kids like me who I would have come over. My cousin Kalyn would come over and we would run around my driveway and backyard, we would play on the swing set and make up games. I remember making up one game where we pretended we were on the show “Survivor” on CBS. Even as a young child I was influenced by the media and still thought about it even when I was not using it.


I got my first cell phone in 2006. It is crazy to me to think that I have had a cell phone for 7 years. 7 years with this hand held cellular device always floating around me. 7 years with a nagging distraction that anyone can reach you on at any time. 7 years without being completely alone because there was always an opportunity for someone, somewhere to bother me. Why do we burden ourselves with this? Because that is what we are used to and that is what we grew up with. Just think about it and let it sink in…will you continue to let technology burden you like this?


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