Reevaluating Technology in Life

I was speaking to one of my friends about my blog project and we had quite the conversation about how intrusive technology is on our lives. Both of us being college students we talked about how annoying it is that technology is everything. How something we were so comfortable growing up with became the enemy. What is that saying? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Well apparently with technology it seems that we are. He than told me to check out the clip from a show called “Duck Dynasty” on A&E where one of the main characters talks about generations and technology. I have embedded the video below for everyone to check out.

He begins by taking his grandson’s cell phone and says how you don’t need to sweat or do anything to use it and how it is one of the most dangerous contraptions on Earth. He than proceeds to throw the cell phone (Scripted? Most likely but still proves a point). They also bring up how everyone needs to live through hard times in order to appreciate the good times as well as life in general. They know that their kids and grand-kids have it easy. Sure they might appreciate life but with the technology they have had in their life they do not have the same outlook that previous generations have. I really enjoyed this video because it is truly necessary to find a balance between technology and real life experiences. You can sit in your house and use technology all day and pretty much waste away while you grow up. Or you can put down the laptops, phones, iPads, TV remotes, X-Box controllers and go out side and do something. Do something productive or learn something new, do something that will build character or teach you a lesson. In my generation growing up was easy (well for me at least) I had it very easy growing up, yes I learned lessons and did have a few rough patches but it was absolutely nothing compared to my parents generation or even my grandparents generation.

If anything this video and project has made me realize that I should value everything I grew up with and everything I have even more than I did before. Life is a blessing and I was lucky enough to have technology and many household conveniences growing up that others did not have. More people should be like the Robertson Family from the show and show their kids what it means to work and have value to something because not everyone is fortunate enough to grow up around technology like we were able to.

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