About the Blog

Every generation has grown up extremely differently when it comes to technology. Some generations grew up with no cell phones, only one TV in their house, one house phone and certainly no computers. Then there are people like me- I always had a TV my parents had cell phones when I was young and I grew up with a computer. I never thought this was weird at all because for me and many of my friends this was just normal. It is very interesting to me to look at how everyone grew up so differently when it comes to technology.

This blog is to help open everyone’s eyes about technology and how different it is for everyone. Technology can mean the world to somebody and absolutely nothing to someone else. There are different types of technology that is for sure but I will mainly be focusing on technology and media like TV’s, computers, phones- pretty much anything that is not a necessity in life. These forms of technology help to mold many people. It will show in their reliance on technology and need for media.

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