A Bratty Teen With a Cell Phone


When I was in middle school and high school I was glued to my cell phone. It seemed as if no one could break the bond between me and my phone. It was pathetic if you ask me. Now that I am more grown up I realize that my cell phone is not everything. I enjoy when I don’t have it attached to my hip. International vacations are a god sent not only for the obvious reasons but also for the fact that I do not have internet or cell service which means I can relax and not be bothered. Part of me hates that I grew up with technology because at one point I was so dependent on it. If I am in the middle of doing homework and I get a text message I suddenly lose my train of thought and all I feel compelled to answer that text. Fortunately as I have grown up I have grown apart from social media. When I am busy I don’t feel the need to check it all of the time. Surrounding myself with people who feel the same as me also helps, I have a lot of friends who don’t like to text that much and I like that because I don’t feel compelled to have my phone on me every second of every day.


This obsession I had with my cell phone was horrible. At the dinner table I would itch to text people…but why? They would be there when I was done eating. So why was I so antsy? Texting is a decent way to communicate but it certainly is not the best. It doesn’t give one the opportunity to have that face to fact connection. You can’t pick up on sarcasm, or how serious someone is or really any emotions at all via text message. Cell phones put up a wall for people and I know it certainly did for me. Growing up with this temptation was damaging to me- it taught me that superficial conversations were OK and that getting to know someone face to face was not as important as it once was. I think it will be very important for future generations to rely less on cellular communication because we do not need to build up these walls. We need to be real people because we live in a real world- not a digital one.

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