Reevaluating Technology in Life

I was speaking to one of my friends about my blog project and we had quite the conversation about how intrusive technology is on our lives. Both of us being college students we talked about how annoying it is that technology is everything. How something we were so comfortable growing up with became the enemy. What is that saying? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Well apparently with technology it seems that we are. He than told me to check out the clip from a show called “Duck Dynasty” on A&E where one of the main characters talks about generations and technology. I have embedded the video below for everyone to check out.

He begins by taking his grandson’s cell phone and says how you don’t need to sweat or do anything to use it and how it is one of the most dangerous contraptions on Earth. He than proceeds to throw the cell phone (Scripted? Most likely but still proves a point). They also bring up how everyone needs to live through hard times in order to appreciate the good times as well as life in general. They know that their kids and grand-kids have it easy. Sure they might appreciate life but with the technology they have had in their life they do not have the same outlook that previous generations have. I really enjoyed this video because it is truly necessary to find a balance between technology and real life experiences. You can sit in your house and use technology all day and pretty much waste away while you grow up. Or you can put down the laptops, phones, iPads, TV remotes, X-Box controllers and go out side and do something. Do something productive or learn something new, do something that will build character or teach you a lesson. In my generation growing up was easy (well for me at least) I had it very easy growing up, yes I learned lessons and did have a few rough patches but it was absolutely nothing compared to my parents generation or even my grandparents generation.

If anything this video and project has made me realize that I should value everything I grew up with and everything I have even more than I did before. Life is a blessing and I was lucky enough to have technology and many household conveniences growing up that others did not have. More people should be like the Robertson Family from the show and show their kids what it means to work and have value to something because not everyone is fortunate enough to grow up around technology like we were able to.

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Grabbing Technology by the Horns Before it is too Late (Or When the Kids Grow Up)

My personal experience growing up was jam packed with technology from kindergarten to college. What I find very interesting is how children that are very young now are growing up with technology. I have a good amount of little baby cousins and many of them know how to work tablets, smart phones and computers. My senior year of high school I went on a cruise to Mexico and I remember being in one of the dining halls one night. All of my friends were sitting there talking when we noticed the table next to us. There were two parents sitting at a table with four kids- two girls and two boys. All four children had their eyes glued to their iPads while playing games. After gawking at them for a few moments I could not realize what I was more shocked about: the fact that these four year olds had iPads or the fact that their parents were encouraging them to play on them at the dinner table. I was not raised this way at all so this was so hard for me to fathom, do parents really think it is okay to let their children become so addicted to technology at such a young age? If I were growing up in this time would my parents have done the same thing? Regardless it is crazy to see how younger generations are growing up with technology because they are so much more involved with it than I was at that age.

Teenage Family Using Gadgets Whilst Eating Breakfast Together In Kitchen

Another thing that really shocked me: I logged onto Facebook one day when I was bored at work. My cousin had posted a picture of his one year old daughter sitting in a chair at 2 AM watching TV. And no I am not kidding…I attached the screen shot below. I could not believe that this one year old was able to leave her room in the middle of the night and go turn on her favorite channel to start watching it. What was her mind set while doing this? Was she so bored that instead of sleeping she wanted to watch TV? Or is she so addicted to media that she felt like she had to because she wanted to go watch it so badly? When I was that young I may have made a scene in the middle of the night but I don’t think I would have ever gone downstairs to watch TV in the middle of the night. The only thing I could imagine blaming this on is how children are raised. And I don’t mean how their parents raise them but how their parents let technology raise them and affect them. For example, if in kindergarten a child is taught to use a computer in school than they are going to do this at home too, and they’ll do it a lot. Children mimic what they do in school because that is what they are taught is right.

post 1

The only solution I could possibly come up for this is for parents to teach children how to balance technology (including social media) with a face to face social life. Sure let your children play computer games and video games but also make sure they go outside and play and have play dates with their friends where they ride bikes or go swimming or do something physical. Future generations should not have an extreme issue with technology as long as we learn how to properly grow up with it. Yes we will all still social network in the future but we do not need to let it consumer our lives by the time we are eight years old. I’m also sure that children will continue to get cell phones at very young ages but as long as we teach them when it is appropriate to use it and when it is not appropriate to use it, everything should be fine. As long as we control technology, technology will not be able to control us.

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Eye Opening Facts

Are you obsessed with technology? Do you need an eye opener on kids growing up with technology? Check out the link below for some shocking facts on children with technology and education. Some of these facts are sure to drop your jaw!

Growing Up With Technology

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Generations With Technology

An interesting video about the generations and how they interacted with technology. A little lengthy but definitely cool!

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A Bratty Teen With a Cell Phone


When I was in middle school and high school I was glued to my cell phone. It seemed as if no one could break the bond between me and my phone. It was pathetic if you ask me. Now that I am more grown up I realize that my cell phone is not everything. I enjoy when I don’t have it attached to my hip. International vacations are a god sent not only for the obvious reasons but also for the fact that I do not have internet or cell service which means I can relax and not be bothered. Part of me hates that I grew up with technology because at one point I was so dependent on it. If I am in the middle of doing homework and I get a text message I suddenly lose my train of thought and all I feel compelled to answer that text. Fortunately as I have grown up I have grown apart from social media. When I am busy I don’t feel the need to check it all of the time. Surrounding myself with people who feel the same as me also helps, I have a lot of friends who don’t like to text that much and I like that because I don’t feel compelled to have my phone on me every second of every day.


This obsession I had with my cell phone was horrible. At the dinner table I would itch to text people…but why? They would be there when I was done eating. So why was I so antsy? Texting is a decent way to communicate but it certainly is not the best. It doesn’t give one the opportunity to have that face to fact connection. You can’t pick up on sarcasm, or how serious someone is or really any emotions at all via text message. Cell phones put up a wall for people and I know it certainly did for me. Growing up with this temptation was damaging to me- it taught me that superficial conversations were OK and that getting to know someone face to face was not as important as it once was. I think it will be very important for future generations to rely less on cellular communication because we do not need to build up these walls. We need to be real people because we live in a real world- not a digital one.

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About the Blog

Every generation has grown up extremely differently when it comes to technology. Some generations grew up with no cell phones, only one TV in their house, one house phone and certainly no computers. Then there are people like me- I always had a TV my parents had cell phones when I was young and I grew up with a computer. I never thought this was weird at all because for me and many of my friends this was just normal. It is very interesting to me to look at how everyone grew up so differently when it comes to technology.

This blog is to help open everyone’s eyes about technology and how different it is for everyone. Technology can mean the world to somebody and absolutely nothing to someone else. There are different types of technology that is for sure but I will mainly be focusing on technology and media like TV’s, computers, phones- pretty much anything that is not a necessity in life. These forms of technology help to mold many people. It will show in their reliance on technology and need for media.

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